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We will publish the preliminary results for the by-election as the polls close in the riding, on December 12, 2022. The first results will be available shortly after 8:30 p.m. (ET).

The preliminary results will not be complete until the counting of local special ballots is completed. Those ballots will begin to be counted on Wednesday, December 14 after all integrity checks are complete.

Results Validated by the Returning Officer

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Voting Results for the electoral district of Mississauga—Lakeshore
PartyCandidateVotesPercent of Votes
People's Party - PPCKhaled Al-Sudani2931.2 %
ConservativeRon Chhinzer9,21537.1 %
Parti Rhinocéros PartySébastien CoRhino240.1 %
Green PartyMary Kidnew7923.2 %
NDP-New Democratic PartyJulia Kole1,2315.0 %
LiberalCharles Sousa12,76651.4 %
IndependentMélodie Anderson290.1 %
IndependentMyriam Beaulieu160.1 %
IndependentLine Bélanger80.0 %
IndependentMylène Bonneau90.0 %
IndependentJean-Denis Parent Boudreault70.0 %
IndependentJevin David Carroll120.0 %
IndependentSean Carson480.2 %
IndependentCharles Currie440.2 %
IndependentStephen Davis210.1 %
IndependentMark Dejewski110.0 %
IndependentYsack Dupont20.0 %
IndependentDonovan Eckstrom50.0 %
IndependentAlexandra Engering80.0 %
IndependentDaniel Gagnon70.0 %
IndependentDonald Gagnon50.0 %
IndependentKerri Hildebrandt90.0 %
IndependentPeter House310.1 %
IndependentMartin Acetaria Caesar Jubinville30.0 %
IndependentSamuel Jubinville80.0 %
IndependentAlain Lamontagne10.0 %
IndependentMarie-Hélène LeBel170.1 %
IndependentConrad Lukawski230.1 %
IndependentSpencer Rocchi120.0 %
IndependentEliana Rosenblum170.1 %
IndependentJulian Selody100.0 %
IndependentRoger Sherwood140.1 %
IndependentAdam Smith230.1 %
IndependentJulie St-Amand110.0 %
IndependentPascal St-Amand20.0 %
IndependentPatrick Strzalkowski380.2 %
IndependentTomas Szuchewycz120.0 %
IndependentBen Teichman100.0 %
IndependentJohn The Engineer Turmel140.1 %
IndependentDarcy Justin Vanderwater60.0 %
Total number of valid votes: 24,814 
Rejected ballots:135
Total number of votes:24,949

Population: 117,444

Number of electors on list: 89,863

Validation Date: December 16, 2022